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Ocean Biodiversity Information System

OBIS is a global open-access data and information clearing-house on marine biodiversity for science, conservation and sustainable development.

The Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS) is one of our flagship data systems. OBIS is a global data platform that integrates, quality controls and provides access to over 100 million occurrence records of 160,000 different marine species and that number is growing by millions every year. OBIS is built by the contribution of thousands of scientists who collaborate with data managers to make scientific data available for research, management and public awareness. Every year, OBIS is used in over 100 scientific papers. The UN World Ocean Assessment and the assessments as part of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services all use OBIS to report on the state of our ocean.

Useful Links:

Access OBIS data

OBIS harvests occurrence records from thousands of datasets and makes them available as a single integrated dataset. Click here to access the data.

Become a data provider or an OBIS

OBIS accepts data from any organization, consortium, project or individual who wants to contribute data. If you own data or have the right to share data, we would love to be in touch! Click here to learn more about contributing.

OBIS applied

OBIS data is critical to advancing interdisciplinary ocean research that informs and contributes to equitable, sustainable management of our shared marine resources. Click here to access success Use Cases.